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CS Wear specialized in design, development, and manufacturing of high manganese wear parts, high chrome wear parts, alloy steel wear parts, mainly focus on Cone crusher wear parts (Mantle, Bowl liner), Jaw crusher parts (Jaw plates), Impact crusher wear parts (Blow bars/Impact bars), Hammer crusher parts (Hammers), Sand making machine wear parts, Cement production wear parts, Bimetallic Wear Parts, with capacity of 30,000 metric ton wear consumables annually.

Main Wear Materials We Are Doing:

High Manganese:

1. Mn13Cr2, 13% Manganese Steel - Standard Hadfield Manganese for general crushing conditions where high abrasion wear resistance is not of primary concern, suitable for cone and jaw crushers.

2. Mn18Cr2, 18% Manganese Steel - Increased Manganese and Carbon content for extended wear life, suitable for all cone and jaw crushers.

3. Mn22Cr2, 22% Manganese Steel - Optimum Manganese and Carbon combination for good wear-resistance and toughness. Extended wear life in high impact. High abrasive wear conditions, suitable for most cone liners as well as all sizes of jaw crusher liners

High Chrome:

1. CrMo15/3, ASTM A532, Class II, Type B

2. Cr26

3. High Chomre with Ceramic Inserts (Metal Matrix Composite)

Alloy Steel Casting

1. Martensitic Steel

2. Martensitic Steel with Ceramic Inserts (Metal Matrix Composite)

NiHard Casting:

1. Ni-hard4, ASTM A532, Class I, Type D

Who We Are:

1. Foundry built in the 2007 by a group of experts, CS Wear brand found in 2017

2. Factory ISO9001 approved.

3. Covering working shop and foundry area of 60,000 square meters

4. Annually production capacity more than 30,000 tons of casting

5. Equipped with state-of-art production equipment and testing means.

6. Rich experience in supplying wear parts that fit the main OEM in the market, quality has been widely accepted by Asian, European, North American, and South American market.

Typical wear parts we are supplying are as the below:

1. Cone Crusher Parts, including Concave, Mantle, Feed Plate, Torch Ring, etc

2. Jaw Crusher parts, including Jaw Plate, Cheek Plate etc

3. Ball Mill parts, Ball Mill Liner, Steel Ball, etc

4. Impact Crusher parts, Blow Bars, Blow bars strengthened by Ceramic Inserts, Impact Lining, etc.

5. Hammer Crusher Wear parts, hammers that strenghtened by Ceramic Inserts

6. Hammer Crusher Wear parts, hammers that uses advanced partition heattreatment method to harden the key wear zone and keep high strength of the installation base, last longer at the hammer top and less chance of breakage at the hammer base area

7. Bimetallic Wear Plate &Wear Blocks, high chrome white iron bonded onto mild steel via vaccum cooper brazing to achieve a weldable high chrome composite material, prolonged wear life, increased impact resistance.

Main casting process: Alkaline water-glass sand casting, Precision Casting, and Lost Foam casting process, make sure the castings have a smooth surface and uniform internal structure

Main production equipment: Arc furnaces, smelting furnaces, sand treament equipment, heat treatment furnace

Main machining equipment: milling machines, vertical lathes, drilling machines, etc

Main quality testing equipment:  Physical & Chemistry Equipment, furnace thermometer, metallurgical microscope, ultrasonic flaw detector, universal resistance tester,  impact tester, and hardness teser.

Production capacity: Produce parts of the unit weight range from 1kg to 20,000kg.


1. Good balance of product quality and price competitiveness, our factory established a quality management system that comply with the ISO9001 standard and we are able to do quality-tracking from production to the delivery end.

2. Reliable, good at taking care of details, we pay special attention to special details that our customers concerned about.

3. On-time delivery, short lead time, strategic stocks

4. Customized wear parts solution, pre and after sales technical support

Our mission: market-orientation, quality-priority and user-first.

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